Use product data to acquire and retain users

SilkChart combines product usage and marketing data to identify which channels, copy, and content drive growth - no coding or setup required.

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The problem

Growth teams are flying blind

Founders and marketers can't connect engaged users to the channels and campaigns that acquired them.

Disconnect between product and campaign data

E-commerce teams use separate CRM and product analytics tools. They struggle to understand who are their most engaged customers, and what drives retention.

No way to prioritize based on impact

Marketers struggle to accurately predict how each campaign or experiment will impact growth and retention.

Relying on engineering teams

Traditional tools are hard to use and even harder to interpret - providing data that only specialists can decipher.

The solution

Product-led growth

Update campaigns, spend, and channels based on detailed data about users, their behavior in product, and drivers of revenue.

Connect product and campaign data to find growth opportunities

Connect marketing performance to product analytics in a few clicks to attribute user growth to specific channels and campaigns

Automatically surface biggest drivers of revenue and retention

SilkChart automatically surfaces your biggest opportunities to drive revenue growth, retention, and LTV. It's like having your own team of analysts to crunch data and feed you a smarter to-do list.

No engineering support needed

Experiment and optimize campaigns without relying on scarce data and engineering resources. Build, test, and iterate on your own terms.

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